Key Level Descriptions

  • (B) Two to five years of experience in identified as basic
  • (I) Six to 10 years of experience in identified as intermediate
  • (A) 10 years plus of experience is identified as advanced
  • (E) Executive level sessions

Please note that Period V sessions have been moved to 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm on Monday, June 9. The Plenary Session will take place Tuesday, June 10 at 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Number Session Level Category

June 9th, 10:30am - 11:45am

501 Advancing Your Career: From Safety Leader to Business Partner 2014 AE Business Skills & Personal Development
502 Deep Safe... The Future of Safety Engineering E Business Skills & Personal Development, Executive
503 Standards for Safety in Construction and Demolition Operations A10 Series: Engaging the Process I Construction / Mining
504 Workplace Ergonomics: Is It All Pixie Dust? Moving Your Program from Imaginary to Reality I Ergonomics, Hospitality
505 Understanding Basic Fireground Operations - Determining the Capabilities & Limitations of Your Fire Department BIA Fire Protection
506 Safe 4 the Right Reasons I Human Behavior
507 Updating Nanotechnology for the EHS Professional for 2014 IA Industrial Hygiene / Health
508 I Have to Know and Do What? Considerations for International Practice I International
509 Offshore Oil and Gas Operations: The Revised Workplace Safety Rule BIAE Oil & Gas
510 When Tragedy Strikes What to Expect From Regulators: Managing the Process AE Regulatory Issues / Government / Public Sector
511 The Future of Occupational Risk Management A Risk Management / Insurance, Risk Assessment, Executive
512 The Safety Professional's Role in ADA (American's with Disabilities) Compliance I Risk Management / Insurance
513 What Works Best Doesn't Come Naturally: Leadership Actions for Preventing Loss I Safety Management
514 Should the Safety Department Manage Safety? E Safety Management
515 New Perspectives on Accident / Incident Investigation IA Safety Management
516 Legal Implications of Voluntary Consensus Standards I Technical / Engineering / Standards
517 A New and Powerful Risk Reduction Technique: Creating OSHA / ANSI Safety Sign Systems as an Outcome of Risk Assessment I Technical / Engineering / Standards, Regulatory Issues / Government / Public Sector
518 Innovative Fall Protection for Limited Clearance Situations BIAE Technical / Engineering / Standards, Oil & Gas
519 Safety Training for a Multi-Generational Workforce A Training / Education
520 Achieving Support for Driver Risk Management Solutions in a Union Environment I Transportation
521 Using GHS Classifications and Chemical Data to Reduce Risks in the Workplace BIA Environment / Hazardous Material
522 Fundamentals of SH&E: Overview of Regulatory Compliance 101A B Fundamentals
523 Key Issue Roundtable: Expanding Consulting Capabilities Through Relationships Key Issue Roundtables

June 9th, 3:15pm - 4:15pm

525 How to Turn a Definite "No" into a Sustainable "Yes" I Business Skills & Personal Development
526 Social Media and Safety Professionals - Get in the Game I Business Skills & Personal Development
527 Safety Leadership: The Leading Edge to Total Business Excellence AE Business Skills & Personal Development, Safety Management
528 Best Practices for Screening and Selecting Safe Contractors and Subcontractors I Construction / Mining
529 Practicing Emergency Preparedness: The Key to a Successful Failure BI Emergency Management / Security, Fire Protection
530 Vermiculite: The New Asbestos? B Environment / Hazardous Material
531 Integrating JHAs B Healthcare / Wellness
532 The Psychology of Safety: Paradigm Shifts for Achieving an Injury-Free Culture BIAE Human Behavior, Executive
533 IH Common Failure Mode Avoidance for Safety Professionals B Industrial Hygiene / Health
534 2014 Global SH&E Briefing IAE International, Executive
535 New Safety Rules for Pipeline De/Commissioning and Maintenance Can Save Lives I Oil & Gas
536 OSHA Current Activities Update BIAE Regulatory Issues / Government / Public Sector
537 Lockout/Tagout Risk Assessment: Evaluating Alternative Energy Control Methods BI Risk Assessment
538 What an Effective Working Workers' Compensation Program Should Include A Risk Management / Insurance
539 Safety by Accident: A Call for Action from the Safety Profession IAE Safety Management
540 Reducing Frequency and Lowering Severity of Human Error: Optimize Performance I Safety Management, Risk Assessment
541 12 Key Words for the Safety Professional BI Safety Management
542 Implementing a National Fall Prevention Campaign - Lessons BIAE Technical / Engineering / Standards, Regulatory Issues / Government / Public Sector, Construction / Mining
543 Process Safety Management Best Practices, Lessons Learned and Enforcement Trend I Technical / Engineering / Standards
544 A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words BIA Training / Education
545 Early Intervention and Ergonomics - A Blended Approach to Prevent Injuries I Ergonomics
546 Key Issue Roundtable: Managing Temporary Worker Safety in Manufacturing Key Issue Roundtables
547 Key Issue Roundtable: Driver Safety Key Issue Roundtables

June 9th, 4:30pm - 5:30pm

550 The "How To" of Watching Out for the Safety of Others A Business Skills & Personal Development
551 Experience Modification Rates - An Accurate Measurement of Safety Performance? BIAE Construction / Mining, Risk Management / Insurance
552 Recognition and Management of Toxic Building Materials During Demolition I Construction / Mining, Industrial Hygiene / Health
553 Workplace Violence: It's About You, Your Management and Your People IAE Emergency Management / Security
554 Ergonomic Risk Assessment: Quick Exposure Check I Ergonomics
555 Swimming Pool Safety - Risk Management Best Practices BI Hospitality, Risk Management / Insurance
556 To Err is Human... Or is It? Mindfulness Research and Its Application to EH&S IA Human Behavior
557 Preventing Occupational Cancer and Supporting Cancer Survivors' Return to Work I International, Healthcare / Wellness
558 Why do Hydraulic Fracturing Injuries and Fatalities Keep Increasing? I Regulatory Issues / Government / Public Sector, Oil & Gas
559 Risk Assessments - Make Them 'Come Alive' for Real Employee and Business Benefits I Risk Management / Insurance, Risk Assessment
560 Culture of Correct: Developing a Worldwide Safety System AE Safety Management, Executive
561 The Six-Source Influence Strategy for a Highly Reliable Safety Culture I Safety Management, Executive
562 Commitment Based Safety: The Only Way to Zero Injuries I Safety Management
563 Sustainability Compass: Climate Resiliency, Supply Chain and Safety Metrics A Sustainability
564 Duration & Energy of Flash Fire and Performance of FR Clothing BIAE Technical / Engineering / Standards
565 Slips and Falls and our Aging Population I Technical / Engineering / Standards
566 The Safety Practitioner - The Reflective Learner BIAE Training / Education, International
567 DOT Compliance and Auto Safety A Transportation
568 Safety Eyewear & ANSI Standards - Seeing is Believing! B Technical / Engineering / Standards
569 Fundamentals of SH&E: Hazard Identification and Control 101B B Fundamentals
570 Key Issue Roundtable: Environmental Leading Indicators - Leading the Way! Key Issue Roundtables

June 10th, 10:30am - 11:45am

601 Making Safety Part of Your Corporate Strategy AE Business Skills & Personal Development, Executive
602 Programs, Policies and Procedures: Elements of Effective Safety Programs B Construction / Mining
603 Indoor Air Quality Issues During Construction and Renovation Projects BI Environment / Hazardous Material, Construction / Mining
604 The Enemy in the Mirror - Taking Responsibility for Injury Prevention & Wellness I Ergonomics
605 Fire Protection for Common and Special Hazards B Fire Protection
606 The $14 Billion Case for Safety Culture in Healthcare IE Healthcare / Wellness
607 Environmental Alphabet Soup for the Safety Professional BI Industrial Hygiene / Health, Environment / Hazardous Material
608 International Perspectives on Key Issues Affecting EH&S Professionals - 2 Part Session I, A, E International
609 The Impact of the Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) TLV/STEL Reduction of 2010 I Oil & Gas, Industrial Hygiene / Health
610 Legal Aspects of the Environmental, Health & Safety Profession BI Regulatory Issues / Government / Public Sector
611 Supporting Prevention through Design (PtD) Solutions Using a Business Case I Risk Assessment
612 The Era of Big Data - What Does it Mean for a Safety Professional? IA Risk Management / Insurance
613 Beyond Safety? Dealing with the Real Causes of Worker and Workplace Risk IAE Safety Management, Risk Assessment
614 "Near Misses" as Leading Indicators for Process Safety B Safety Management
615 Safety 24/7 - The Tony Crow Story - It's Not Just About Me BIAE Safety Management, Human Behavior
616 Green Beans & Ice Cream: OSHA's Big Dogs are Biting -The End of Lagging Incentives as We Know Them IAE Safety Management
617 Understanding Process Variability to Improve Safe Behaviors I Technical / Engineering / Standards, Executive
618 Making the Most of Your Fall Protection Program BI Technical / Engineering / Standards
619 Even More Wild, Wacky and Highly Effective Training I Training / Education
620 Out of Sight - Out of Mind: The Consequences of an Incidental Fleet I Transportation, Risk Management / Insurance
621 Advanced Topics in Behavior Based Safety IA Human Behavior
622 Fundamentals of SH&E: Fire Protection 101C B Fundamentals
623 Key Issue Roundtable: Career Ladders for Safety Professionals - What is Working and What is Not Key Issue Roundtables

June 9th, 1:00pm - 2:00pm

625 If You Don't Measure, You Can't Manage: It's No Different With Culture! E Business Skills & Personal Development
626 The Buried Truth Uncovered A Business Skills & Personal Development
627 Challenges of Implementing a U.S. S&H Program in the International Construction Market I Construction / Mining, Executive
628 Contractor and Subcontractor Safety Responsibilities on Multi-Employer Worksites A Construction / Mining
629 Assessing and Managing Risks of Natural Disasters for a Workplace B Emergency Management / Security, Environment / Hazardous Material
630 Five Critical Elements for Managing an Ergonomics Program I Ergonomics
631 Dispelling Myths About Human Error AE Human Behavior
632 S&H Considerations of the Older Worker with Tips / Techniques to Promote S&H I Industrial Hygiene / Health, Ergonomics
633 IH in Hydraulic Fracturing, What You Need to Know to Play in the Sand I Oil & Gas
634 OSHA Recordkeeping and Workers' Compensation Claims Reporting Requirements BI Regulatory Issues / Government / Public Sector
635 Protecting Workers from Occupational Exposure to Isocyanates BI Regulatory Issues / Government / Public Sector, Industrial Hygiene / Health
636 A Practical Enterprise-Wide Approach to Fatality and Serious Injury Prevention I Risk Assessment, Executive
637 Workers' Compensation and the Safety Professional - Concepts and Practices BI Risk Management / Insurance
638 Identifying Cultural Hazards: Four Clues That You May Be Out Of Balance BIAE Safety Management
639 Walking the Talk: The Importance of Management Work Observations E Safety Management
640 EHS Auditing to Improve Safety Performance E Safety Management
641 Utilizing Consensus Standards in the Prevention of Slip, Trip and Fall Injuries I Technical / Engineering / Standards
642 Mind the Gap! Preplanning for Rescue from Fall Protection IA Technical / Engineering / Standards
643 Training for Results: Using the High-Impact Model to Achieve Value BIAE Training / Education
644 What I Should Know Before I Attend 70E Training or Have an Assessment Performed I Technical / Engineering / Standards, Fire Protection
645 Fundamentals of SH&E: Environment 101D B Fundamentals
646 Best Practices in Engaging Senior Management in SH&E Performance Enhancement - An International Perspective I, E International
647 Key Issue Roundtable: Diesel Particulate Regulations in Mining Key Issue Roundtables

June 10th, 3:00pm - 4:15pm

650 Your Culture and Keeping Employee Morale High In Changing Times I Business Skills & Personal Development, Executive
651 ANSI/ASSE A10 Construction Safety Standards: Use of These Standards on a Global Level I Construction / Mining
652 Environmental Health and Safety Issues Affecting a K-12 School District IA Environment / Hazardous Material
653 Life Safety Code 101 B Fire Protection, Technical / Engineering / Standards
654 A Healthy Workforce: How Workers' Comp and Wellness Programs Go Together B Healthcare / Wellness
655 Rethinking Error: Why Humans Should Be Considered a Reliable Part of the System AE Human Behavior
656 How Does Obesity Impact Safety in the Workplace? IA Industrial Hygiene / Health
657 International Law Affecting EH&S Professionals - 2 Part Session A - I International
658 OSHA Training Requirements: How to Comply BI Regulatory Issues / Government / Public Sector, Training / Education
659 Background, Updates, Impacts, Nuances and Making EM 385-1-1 Work for You and Safe Production I Regulatory Issues / Government / Public Sector
660 Shop Floor Safety Effectiveness I Risk Assessment
661 Impacting Behaviors: A Cost Allocation and Safety Improvement Process I Risk Management / Insurance
662 Learn How to Use Lean to Improve & Drive Safety Performance IA Safety Management, Business Skills & Personal Development
663 Aging Workforce: An Innovative Approach I Safety Management
664 Changing the Game in Safety Performance: The Leader's Role AE Safety Management
665 The Eternal Fall Protection Issue - Anchor Selection & Certification A Technical / Engineering / Standards
666 Implementing NFPA 70E for Arc Flash Safety I Technical / Engineering / Standards, Fire Protection
667 Test Design and Delivery for Dynamic Teachers I Training / Education
668 Distracted Driving Panel Discussion - Key Issues / Research / Policy Approaches BIAE Transportation, Executive
669 GHS: Already Aligned or Hardly Harmonized? What You Need to Know! I Regulatory Issues / Government / Public Sector, Environment / Hazardous Material
670 Fundamentals of SH&E: Workplace Health 101E B Fundamentals
671 Key Issue Roundtable: What Makes Your Solution Ergonomic? Key Issue Roundtables
672 Key Issue Roundtable: Risk Assessment and ISO 31000 - Their Impact on the Risk Control Profession Key Issue Roundtables

June 10th, 4:30pm - 5:30pm

675 Accountability 4-3-3: Critical Steps, Pivotal Moments, Types of Performers IAE Business Skills & Personal Development, Executive
676 Optimizing Chapter Media Relations BIA Business Skills & Personal Development
677 Eeww - Construction Health Hazards in Medical and Waste Water Facilities I Construction / Mining
678 Electrical Safety for Contractors Working on Facilities and Construction Sites I Construction / Mining
679 Disaster Management E Emergency Management / Security
680 America's Changing Work Force: Ramifications for Ergonomic Modeling I Ergonomics
681 Safety: What's Health got to do With It? BIAE Healthcare / Wellness
682 Beyond Compliance: Addressing the Human Factor IA Human Behavior
683 Lead Safe Practices - What it Takes to Meet the OSHA and EPA Regulations I Industrial Hygiene / Health, Environment / Hazardous Material
684 Deadly Atmospheres - Are They Also on Construction Sites? BIA International
685 OSHA's Actions and Efforts to Increase Awareness of Silica Exposures During Hydraulic Fracturing Operations I Regulatory Issues / Government / Public Sector, Oil & Gas
686 Risk Management System - Practical Development and Implementation A Risk Management / Insurance
687 HSE Facilitator's Guide on How to Lead a Workplace Risk Assessment Process I Risk Management / Insurance, Risk Assessment
688 How to Effectively Work with Your Multicultural Workforce I Safety Management
689 Leading Indicators, Culture & Big Data: Using Your Data to Eliminate Death I Safety Management
690 Holistic? Behavior-based? Forget What You Call It, Here's What Works B Safety Management
691 Keys to the "C" How Sustainability can Unlock Doors at the Highest Levels A Sustainability, Executive
692 Wind Turbine Safety and Loss Prevention AE Technical / Engineering / Standards
693 ANSI/ASSE Z590.3 Prevention through Design - Where Are We Two Years Later? BIAE Technical / Engineering / Standards
694 Using Video Game Design Principles to Meet the Requirements of the Z490 Standard I Training / Education, Technical / Engineering / Standards
695 NFPA 70E: Choosing the Right Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) B Technical / Engineering / Standards
696 Key Issue Roundtable: Emergency Management Key Issue Roundtables
697 Key Issue Roundtable: Training & Mentoring HSE Professionals in the Oil & Gas Industry Key Issue Roundtables

June 11th, 7:45am - 9:00am

701 Applied Professional Ethics A Business Skills & Personal Development
702 Construction Crane Safety Management BIA Construction / Mining
703 The Active Shooter Threat BIAE Emergency Management / Security
704 Management System Benefits, Risk Ranking and Change Management E Environment / Hazardous Material, Sustainability
705 Technology & the "Ergo Hour", Managing Ergonomics at a Multinational Organization I Ergonomics
706 Automatic Fire Sprinkler Analysis for Existing Commercial Occupancies I Fire Protection, Risk Management / Insurance
707 The Influence of Opiates while being "Fit for Duty" in the Workplace I Industrial Hygiene / Health
708 IPS International Leadership Forum IAE International, Executive
709 Tick Safety not Boxes BIA Oil & Gas
710 OSHA's Roles and Activities in Protecting the Safety and Health of Workers during Disaster Response IA Regulatory Issues / Government / Public Sector, Emergency Management / Security
711 Machine Guarding Risk Assessment BI Risk Assessment
712 'Protecting your Company in the Cloud', Cloud Computing Basics for the Safety Professional B Risk Management / Insurance
713 How Transformational Leadership Drives Continuous Safety Improvement and Sustainability IAE Safety Management, Executive
714 Uncovering Your Safety Blind Spots for Development and Behavior Change IAE Safety Management, Human Behavior
715 Supervisors - Your Best Safety Resource... Sometimes I Safety Management
716 Auditing Skills IA Safety Management
717 The Elements of a Managed Fall Protection Program A Technical / Engineering / Standards
718 The New ISO Safety and Health Management Systems Standard A Technical / Engineering / Standards
719 The Challenges of Safety Training (Problem Solve Any Issue)! IA Training / Education
720 ANSI Z-15 Success: Saving Lives and Reducing Costs BIA Transportation
721 Introduction to Basic Scaffold Training B Construction / Mining, Technical / Engineering / Standards
722 Fundamentals of SH&E: Risk Management 101F B Fundamentals
723 Key Issue Roundtable: Know Your Value! Key Issue Roundtables
724 Key Issue Roundtable: Noise Key Issue Roundtables

June 11th, 10:45am - 12:00pm

725 The Need For Attorney-Client Privilege in Health and Safety Communications I Business Skills & Personal Development
726 Construction + Ergonomics = A Non-Traditional Focus for a Top 20 US Contractor I Construction / Mining
727 Safety & Health in Emergency Management I Emergency Management / Security, Regulatory Issues / Government / Public Sector
728 Winning Ergonomics Strategies for Aging Workers B Ergonomics
729 Sleep Deprivation in the Workplace - The Hidden Side of Health & Wellness B Healthcare / Wellness, Industrial Hygiene / Health
730 Taking Incident Investigations to the Next Level: A Behavioral Science Approach I Human Behavior
731 ASSE/ANSI Z9 Industrial Ventilation Standards IA Industrial Hygiene / Health, Technical / Engineering / Standards
732 Reducing Road Risk Using Journey Management IA Oil & Gas
733 I2P2 What You Need To Know B Regulatory Issues / Government / Public Sector
734 ASSE Government Affairs Committee Update BIA Regulatory Issues / Government / Public Sector
735 Managing Severity AND Frequency: Demonstrating Results in Fatality Prevention A Risk Assessment
736 Managing Resilience: The Proactive Approach to Crisis E Risk Management / Insurance, Executive
737 The Myth of Contractual Immunity - The Legal Risks on Multi-Employer Jobsites I Risk Management / Insurance
738 Stop Trying to Create a Safety Culture, Evolve the One You Have A Safety Management, Executive
739 Occupational Dog Bite Prevention - Training Employees to Protect Themselves BIA Safety Management
740 Contractor Safety Management at a Small Plant B Safety Management
741 Global LEED, Lean, Leadership & Sustainability - For SH&E International Results AE Sustainability, Environment / Hazardous Material
742 Safe Work Authorized Procedures (SWAP) I Technical / Engineering / Standards
743 ANSI Z10: A Vision for the Future IA Technical / Engineering / Standards
744 Good Training is Like Homemade Ice Cream BI Training / Education
745 The Contribution of Research to Education in the Safety Field BIA Training / Education
746 Lockout Tagout Best Practices I Technical / Engineering / Standards
747 Key Issue Roundtable: Temporary Labor - Contractor / Subcontractor Management Key Issue Roundtables
748 Lessons Learned from ASSE/P2P Delegation Visit to India in November 2013 BIAE International

June 11th, 1:45pm - 2:45pm

750 What is Your Project Really Worth? Economic Methods to Determine True Benefits IA Business Skills & Personal Development
751 Fitness for Duty - Does It Work With 3,000,000 Pounds? I Construction / Mining, International
752 Correlating Sports to Safety - A Winning Combination IA Construction / Mining, Executive
753 Chemicals, Pesticides and Other Stuff - Oh My, Oh My, How to Comply? BI Environment / Hazardous Material, Industrial Hygiene / Health
754 Fire Protection Systems - An Important Part of Prevention through Design BI Fire Protection, Risk Assessment
755 Sustaining Workplace Wellness Programs: Key Components for Success I Healthcare / Wellness
756 Management of Mold, Before, During and After a Water Intrusion Event I Industrial Hygiene / Health
757 Implementing ANSI Z359 in the Oil and Gas Extraction Industry I Oil & Gas
758 Addressing Workplace Violence - OSHA's Guidelines and Enforcement I Regulatory Issues / Government / Public Sector, Executive
759 Meet the Inspectors I Regulatory Issues / Government / Public Sector
760 Risk Assessment Workshop - Risk Register, Prioritization and Assessment Methods I Risk Assessment, Risk Management / Insurance
761 Challenges Posed by RF Radiation from Wireless Antenna Systems I Risk Management / Insurance
762 The Top 10 Mistakes Made in an Investigation that Can Doom Them I Safety Management
763 Predict the Shortcut Before it Results in an Employee Injury I Safety Management
764 Humor in Safety: From "Blah Blah Blah" to "Ha Ha Ha" BIAE Safety Management
765 Trenching and Excavation Safety for the Non-Construction Safety Professional BI Technical / Engineering / Standards
766 Safety Management Systems: Is Your Training Right? A Training / Education
767 Developing and Communicating Expectations for Motor Vehicle Operation I Transportation
768 Preventing Injuries - Saving Lives™: Ladder Safety Training I Training / Education, Technical / Engineering / Standards
769 Key Issue Roundtable: System Safety 101 - The Military's Safety Management System Key Issue Roundtables
770 Key Issue Roundtable: Closing the Gap - Linking Wellness and Preventing MSDs in Healthcare and Beyond Key Issue Roundtables

June 11th, 3:00pm - 4:00pm

775 Using Mobile Technology for Safety and Health I Business Skills & Personal Development, Risk Assessment
776 Working with Consultants - The Human Element I Business Skills & Personal Development
777 Encouraging Safety Innovations by Construction Workers I Construction / Mining
778 Environmental Liability - What Every Safety Professional Should Know! I Environment / Hazardous Material
779 Lightening the Load: Ergonomic Solutions that Reduce Patient Lifting Injuries I Ergonomics
780 A Multi-Faceted Approach to Global Hand Injury Prevention IA Industrial Hygiene / Health
781 Working and Living Overseas as an SHE Professional I International, Oil & Gas
782 An OSHA Perspective on Combustible Dust Safety and Compliance BIAE Regulatory Issues / Government / Public Sector, Fire Protection
783 Using Prevention through Design to Improve Workplace Safety IA Risk Assessment
784 Risk Control in the Emerging World - What's the Future? IA Risk Management / Insurance, Executive
785 The Safety Professional versus the Loss Control Professional: What is the Difference? I Risk Management / Insurance
786 Talk is Cheap: It's Not What You Say but What You Do that Makes You a Leader I Safety Management, Executive
787 Building an Ideal Safety Culture AE Safety Management
788 The Five Key Attributes of World-Class EHS and Sustainability Organizations AE Safety Management, Sustainability
789 Fall Protection Issues: More than Just Roofs I Technical / Engineering / Standards
790 The Safety of Smart/Micro Grids and Community Energy Storage Systems I Technical / Engineering / Standards
791 Does Virtual Training Really Save Money? Turning Myth into Reality is up to You! BI Training / Education
792 Fundamentals of SH&E: Basic Safety Management 101G B Fundamentals
793 Key Issue Roundtable: How to Effectively Work With Your Spanish Speaking Workforce Key Issue Roundtables