Key Level Descriptions

  • (B) Two to five years of experience in identified as basic
  • (I) Six to 10 years of experience in identified as intermediate
  • (A) 10 years plus of experience is identified as advanced
  • (E) Executive level sessions

Please note that Period V sessions have been moved to 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm on Monday, June 9. The Plenary Session will take place Tuesday, June 10 at 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Number Session Level Category

June 10th, 4:30pm - 5:30pm

676 Optimizing Chapter Media Relations BIA Business Skills & Personal Development
675 Accountability 4-3-3: Critical Steps, Pivotal Moments, Types of Performers IAE Business Skills & Personal Development, Executive
677 Eeww - Construction Health Hazards in Medical and Waste Water Facilities I Construction / Mining
678 Electrical Safety for Contractors Working on Facilities and Construction Sites I Construction / Mining
679 Disaster Management E Emergency Management / Security
680 America's Changing Work Force: Ramifications for Ergonomic Modeling I Ergonomics
681 Safety: What's Health got to do With It? BIAE Healthcare / Wellness
682 Beyond Compliance: Addressing the Human Factor IA Human Behavior
683 Lead Safe Practices - What it Takes to Meet the OSHA and EPA Regulations I Industrial Hygiene / Health, Environment / Hazardous Material
684 Deadly Atmospheres - Are They Also on Construction Sites? BIA International
696 Key Issue Roundtable: Emergency Management Key Issue Roundtables
697 Key Issue Roundtable: Training & Mentoring HSE Professionals in the Oil & Gas Industry Key Issue Roundtables
685 OSHA's Actions and Efforts to Increase Awareness of Silica Exposures During Hydraulic Fracturing Operations I Regulatory Issues / Government / Public Sector, Oil & Gas
686 Risk Management System - Practical Development and Implementation A Risk Management / Insurance
687 HSE Facilitator's Guide on How to Lead a Workplace Risk Assessment Process I Risk Management / Insurance, Risk Assessment
688 How to Effectively Work with Your Multicultural Workforce I Safety Management
689 Leading Indicators, Culture & Big Data: Using Your Data to Eliminate Death I Safety Management
690 Holistic? Behavior-based? Forget What You Call It, Here's What Works B Safety Management
691 Keys to the "C" How Sustainability can Unlock Doors at the Highest Levels A Sustainability, Executive
692 Wind Turbine Safety and Loss Prevention AE Technical / Engineering / Standards
693 ANSI/ASSE Z590.3 Prevention through Design - Where Are We Two Years Later? BIAE Technical / Engineering / Standards
695 NFPA 70E: Choosing the Right Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) B Technical / Engineering / Standards
694 Using Video Game Design Principles to Meet the Requirements of the Z490 Standard I Training / Education, Technical / Engineering / Standards

June 10th, 10:30am - 11:45am

601 Making Safety Part of Your Corporate Strategy AE Business Skills & Personal Development, Executive
602 Programs, Policies and Procedures: Elements of Effective Safety Programs B Construction / Mining
603 Indoor Air Quality Issues During Construction and Renovation Projects BI Environment / Hazardous Material, Construction / Mining
604 The Enemy in the Mirror - Taking Responsibility for Injury Prevention & Wellness I Ergonomics
605 Fire Protection for Common and Special Hazards B Fire Protection
622 Fundamentals of SH&E: Fire Protection 101C B Fundamentals
606 The $14 Billion Case for Safety Culture in Healthcare IE Healthcare / Wellness
621 Advanced Topics in Behavior Based Safety IA Human Behavior
607 Environmental Alphabet Soup for the Safety Professional BI Industrial Hygiene / Health, Environment / Hazardous Material
608 International Perspectives on Key Issues Affecting EH&S Professionals - 2 Part Session I, A, E International
623 Key Issue Roundtable: Career Ladders for Safety Professionals - What is Working and What is Not Key Issue Roundtables
609 The Impact of the Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) TLV/STEL Reduction of 2010 I Oil & Gas, Industrial Hygiene / Health
610 Legal Aspects of the Environmental, Health & Safety Profession BI Regulatory Issues / Government / Public Sector
611 Supporting Prevention through Design (PtD) Solutions Using a Business Case I Risk Assessment
612 The Era of Big Data - What Does it Mean for a Safety Professional? IA Risk Management / Insurance
614 "Near Misses" as Leading Indicators for Process Safety B Safety Management
616 Green Beans & Ice Cream: OSHA's Big Dogs are Biting -The End of Lagging Incentives as We Know Them IAE Safety Management
615 Safety 24/7 - The Tony Crow Story - It's Not Just About Me BIAE Safety Management, Human Behavior
613 Beyond Safety? Dealing with the Real Causes of Worker and Workplace Risk IAE Safety Management, Risk Assessment
618 Making the Most of Your Fall Protection Program BI Technical / Engineering / Standards
617 Understanding Process Variability to Improve Safe Behaviors I Technical / Engineering / Standards, Executive
619 Even More Wild, Wacky and Highly Effective Training I Training / Education
620 Out of Sight - Out of Mind: The Consequences of an Incidental Fleet I Transportation, Risk Management / Insurance

June 10th, 3:00pm - 4:15pm

650 Your Culture and Keeping Employee Morale High In Changing Times I Business Skills & Personal Development, Executive
651 ANSI/ASSE A10 Construction Safety Standards: Use of These Standards on a Global Level I Construction / Mining
652 Environmental Health and Safety Issues Affecting a K-12 School District IA Environment / Hazardous Material
653 Life Safety Code 101 B Fire Protection, Technical / Engineering / Standards
670 Fundamentals of SH&E: Workplace Health 101E B Fundamentals
654 A Healthy Workforce: How Workers' Comp and Wellness Programs Go Together B Healthcare / Wellness
655 Rethinking Error: Why Humans Should Be Considered a Reliable Part of the System AE Human Behavior
656 How Does Obesity Impact Safety in the Workplace? IA Industrial Hygiene / Health
657 International Law Affecting EH&S Professionals - 2 Part Session A - I International
671 Key Issue Roundtable: What Makes Your Solution Ergonomic? Key Issue Roundtables
672 Key Issue Roundtable: Risk Assessment and ISO 31000 - Their Impact on the Risk Control Profession Key Issue Roundtables
659 Background, Updates, Impacts, Nuances and Making EM 385-1-1 Work for You and Safe Production I Regulatory Issues / Government / Public Sector
669 GHS: Already Aligned or Hardly Harmonized? What You Need to Know! I Regulatory Issues / Government / Public Sector, Environment / Hazardous Material
658 OSHA Training Requirements: How to Comply BI Regulatory Issues / Government / Public Sector, Training / Education
660 Shop Floor Safety Effectiveness I Risk Assessment
661 Impacting Behaviors: A Cost Allocation and Safety Improvement Process I Risk Management / Insurance
663 Aging Workforce: An Innovative Approach I Safety Management
664 Changing the Game in Safety Performance: The Leader's Role AE Safety Management
662 Learn How to Use Lean to Improve & Drive Safety Performance IA Safety Management, Business Skills & Personal Development
665 The Eternal Fall Protection Issue - Anchor Selection & Certification A Technical / Engineering / Standards
666 Implementing NFPA 70E for Arc Flash Safety I Technical / Engineering / Standards, Fire Protection
667 Test Design and Delivery for Dynamic Teachers I Training / Education
668 Distracted Driving Panel Discussion - Key Issues / Research / Policy Approaches BIAE Transportation, Executive